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Daniel Andrade

Marcus Pereira

The Expandable MIX Emulator (EMIX)

by Daniel Andrade & Marcus Pereira

Current version: 1.0 Beta (16-Jun-98)

What the hell is MIX ?

MIX is the machine invented by Prof. Knuth in his famous "The Art of Computer Programming" series. All the examples in these fantastic books are written in the MIX assembly.

Why would anybody write a MIX emulator?

The MIX architecture is a great example of the old architectures and it is a very interesting machine to simulate. Besides this, the "Art of Computer Programming" series is a indispensable source of information for computer scientists. Understing and testing the programs in the book would be nice.

What are the system requirements for EMIX ?

Since it runs on a Win32 platform (Windows 95/NT), 256Mb of RAM, 4Tb of HD and a Pentium II-300 is the minimum. Just kidding! :) 16 Mb would be enough, and more or less 500 Kb of free space in your HD. The emulator is programmed in C/C++ Builder since it is a good plataform for developing programs that have GUIs, and (unhappily) the Win32 is the most famous system out there. So, programming an application for Win32 would make the application accessible for many people.

Is the emulator portable?

Somewhat. The interface classes is absolutely dependable on C/C++ Builder, but the core emulation classes are not. I think it would no be hard to port the code to another 32-bit machine/system.

Is the emulator fast?

Actually I've put some assembler in it, but things are really hard when you work with a GUI and you are trying to make the code modular, a little portable and expandable. But anyone should not worry too much about this. The emulator is fast enough for applications involving MIX machines.

Who are "Daniel Andrade" and "Marcus Pereira" ?

They are 2 suffering students from PUC-RJ, an university located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are doing all this work in order to graduate and have some fun!

Enough of talk! I want to get EMIX!

Ok, ok... Get the emulator here.

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