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Daniel Andrade

Marcus Pereira

The Expandable MIX Emulator (EMIX)

by Daniel Andrade & Marcus Pereira

Current version: 1.0 Beta (16-Jul-98)  

I'm a new (wo)man ! I have the sources !

Yeah, you really have the sources now. But we would like to ask you 3 things before you start hacking the code:

a) Please don't release any EMIX hacked version before the final 1.0 is out by the beginning of July. It would be a mess having 2 buggy versions of the code!! So, if you discover a bug until then, please mail me!

b) You can start adding features to EMIX since the source will be completely free under the GNU public license. You will be able to release your EMIX versions, but, in ANY WAY, charge for it. But it can be part of a free software CD, charged only for the material costs.

c) This project is an academical project, our graduation project. It is not intended to be professional software, so please don't e-mail bomb us with complaints about the functionality or design of EMIX ! :)

Source code ... Many surises waiting for me...

Not this time, pal! EMIX is extensively documented, and it won't be so hard adding new features or modifying old ones. I know we should earn millions of dollars for having the patience to document a code AFTER writing it, but we are satisfied just with our graduation...

What do I need to work on the source code ?

You'll need a copy of Win 95/Win 98 and C++ Builder 3. Please don't pirate C++ Builder 3. Borland needs money to beat Virusual Studio, and it's not an expensive product. I haven't tried it in NT Waitstation, but it should compile fine. 64 Mb of memory and a AMD K6 200+ is preferred.

Download EMIX v1.0 Beta sources (39 Kb)